Are You Embarrassed Because You’re Too Skinny? How To Gain Weight In Women.

I used to be downright humiliated because I was too skinny! I wished, hoped and prayed for a long time that I would eventually fill out and look more like the woman I knew I was.

I wanted to be voluptuous and turn heads when I walked past a group of guys. Hell, I wanted that group of guys to keep watching my backside until I turned the corner and they couldn’t see me anymore!

Instead I was embarrassed when I noticed someone looking at my body. Since I used to model, it was okay at work because the fashion industry constantly paid me compliments for looking so scrawny, but in the real world I felt like crap of someone glanced at anything below my neck.

People would sometimes ask me what size clothes I wore, if I was so skinny because I watched what I ate, etc. It was frustrating to have to be in those situations, and I was constantly left feeling flustered and self conscious due to other people’s rude comments.

It was even more frustrating that these people probably didn’t’ even know that they were being rude. They were probably just thinking that they want to know personal details about “the skinny girl”. Noone talks about how to gain weight in women.

Thankfully, I never have to deal with those types of questions or remarks anymore. After I tried for so long I have finally discovered a set of foolproof methods that pack on weight, and fast!


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