How to gain weight fast for women

How To Gain Weight Fast For Women: 3 Tactics You Need To Know

If you are naturally lean and desire a curvier body, then you are probably looking for ways to gain weight fast. It is important to know that there are some methods that are better than others, and there are some methods that make the process more enjoyable than others. So let’s talk about how to gain weight fast for women in a quick and enjoyable way.

Make Sure There Is Not Something Going on Medically

I don’t want to be a downer, but sometimes certain medical conditions can get in the way of gaining weight. Ignorance is not bliss, and it is better to know if you are battling a certain medical condition or if something else is standing in the way of your weight gain.

Sometimes your inability to gain weight may be because of certain prescription drugs that you are taking. Your doctor should be able to discuss any issues that would contribute to your weight gain medically and give you some insight into exactly what those issues are. Once you have that insight you can adapt your lifestyle to help you gain the weight you need.

3 Methods To Gain Weight

There are some methods to gain weight that will give you a better outcome in the long run and make you feel good about yourself. Lots of people (even movie stars who need to gain weight) will recommend eating a lot of unhealthy food in a short period of time. Even though you may think that eating a ton of processed and fried food will feel good, it will actually cause your body to slow down and even impair your mental health. There are much better ways to gain weight fast and feel great throughout your day at the same time.

1. Build Up Muscle In Your Body

Gaining muscle is important when it comes to gaining weight. You want to gain much more muscle than you want to gain fat, and it should be something that you absolutely have on your list of things to do. Muscle will help your body to become the shape you want, whereas fat will help your body become the shape you don’t want. It is amazing at how just a little bit of extra muscle can completely change the way your body looks and give you a sexy, curvy look even at a lighter weight.

However, there are certain routines that will benefit you and there are certain routines that will not benefit you. For instance, if you think that doing two hours of cardio a day is going to help you build muscle, you’re wrong. You need to use weights, and you need to use them in the right way to build up muscle in your body.

One common recommendation is to spend no more than an hour in the gym – but to make it an intense hour. Even though working out may feel good, and you may feel as though you are seeing results, going to the gym too much will not give you the results you are looking for in the long run. After so much work, the exercises start to lose their ability to build muscles, but not their ability to burn calories. The last thing you want is to burn off more calories!

2. Slow Down Your Metabolism

Just as some women are trying to find ways to speed up their metabolism, naturally thin women need to find a way to slow down their metabolism. A fast metabolism means that your body burns calories faster than normal, and this needs to be something you consider.

For instance, exercising four hours a day is not going to help you gain weight. When you exercise, you are burning off extra calories, and if your metabolism is already burning off a ton of calories, then you are not helping your cause to gain weight.

One thing you may want to do to slow down your metabolism is cut out foods that speed it up. For instance, caffeine affects your central nervous system and can speed up your metabolism by 8%. Worse, a cup of tea can raise your metabolism by 12% . You may think, ‘I can’t live without my coffee!’ but I assure you that replacing your morning coffee with a healthy smoothie or other drink will give you the same energy boost you need to start your day off right.

One of the better ways (at least better sounding ways) to decrease your metabolism is to take naps. Research has shown that when you sleep, your metabolism drops and stays down for some time after you wake up. This may be the very excuse you need to take a few naps throughout your day!

3. Eat More Calories

Eating more calories can be hard, just like eating fewer calories can be hard. If you are used to eating a certain amount of calories in your day, whether it be a lot or a little, it can be hard to change your diet. We all eat on a natural schedule that feels good to us, and we tend to eat the same kind of foods throughout our day too. It is hard to break any habit, but especially a habit such as how we eat.

It is important to keep a food journal so that you understand just how much you really eat throughout your day. You may be eating a lot less calories than you thought you were. Many women are surprised at how little caloric intake they actually receive in a day. Your food journal will allow you to see just how far you have to go when it comes to changing your diet.

It is not just the habit of eating that affects calorie intake. If you work weird shifts, smoke, do drugs, or participate in a lot of events, you may skip out on meals and find yourself eating less on certain days. You may need to make some lifestyle changes to help you eat more, or you may need to bring along meals to your functions in order to ensure you are getting the amount of calories your body needs to gain weight.

Also, just as people trying to lose weight replace their favorite high calorie foods with low calorie foods, you can replace your favorite low calorie foods with high calorie foods. There are many healthy high calorie foods you can choose from. For example, on a sandwich you can use avocado instead of cucumber. Or, you can use all olives instead of pickles. You can also add olive oil on your salad as a dressing.

In conclusion, you can see that gaining weight is not just about eating more unhealthy food, even though many people will recommend that on forums that talk about how to gain weight fast for women. In reality, there are many factors that come into play, and those factors influence each other as you go through the process.

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