Is Gaining Weight The Opposite Of Losing Weight?

At first glance this might seem like a stupid question to ask… our first instincts tell us that “of course gaining weight is the opposite of losing weight!”

But the truth is that many of the basic reasons for being underweight and overweight are the same. And part of the solution to overcoming each of these problems are also the same.

Therefore, gaining weight and losing weight are a whole lot more similar than most people think!

Many people don’t understand this, and that’s why they have a hard time packing on extra pounds. They try to do the exact opposite of someone who’s goal is to lose weight, when really they need to be following a part of the same routine as a person who is moving towards healthy weight loss.

I know this can all sound pretty confusing, and that’s why I’ve laid out my step by step weight gain plan for you. It cuts through the confusion and puts you on the road to healthy weight gain in the fastest amount of time possible.

weight gain for women

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