Proper Weight Gain Nutrition

Weight gain nutrition is the hardest part of gaining weight. You don’t just want to get flab where there was none before – you want to create muscle, gaining the right kind of weight. For people who’ve done the basic legwork, they’ll find out that all they need is to consume more calories than their body needs. But what kind of food should they consume to maximize their body’s potential for weight and muscle gain? It’s just as important as your exercise routine – without it, you stand very little chance of beating out your metabolism and body type for weight gain.

If you’re wondering why most Rocky movies involve eating raw eggs, well, it’s because of the egg whites. It’s a fantastic source of protein – 60:1 compared to the fat in the eggs itself in fact. They’re the best source of the stuff you need to generate and create muscle. The eggs themselves also contain an immense biological value, which can be used to make full use of the protein. With very little carbohydrates, it’s unquestionably part of any weight gain nutrition menu.

Chicken and turkey breasts are a fantastic addition to any weight gain nutrition menu, much to the joy of many bird eating lovers out them. Male or female, they provide fantastic amounts of high quality protein and best of all, low on fat. They’re perfect for the multiple meals suggested for people who want to gain weight, due to the aforementioned protein content. They can also be prepared in a wide variety of ways, keeping people from getting bored of it and getting tempted to snack off.

While fat is definitely not a part of any weight gain nutrition list, your body still needs some of the good kind of fat to function properly. Fish has the good fat, Omega-3, in spades. Cold water fish are generally known for providing that to people, fish such as sardines and tuna. Canned fish can do well for people on the move. Tuna, among the cold water fish, will give you the best bang for your buck.

Beans are also a good source of protein and of course, fiber. Meats aren’t the only things that you can consume to induce muscle growth when combined with exercise. Fiber is necessary to clean out your bowels – without it, you could develop complications that can prevent you from absorbing all the nutrients that you need. Kidney beans are a popular option, offering enormous amounts of fiber and protein for the woman or man looking to gain some good weight.

The right menu coupled with the right exercise program can result in the weight gain you’re working hard for. It’s tough not being able to gain the right weight you want. While the spotlight’s firmly on the people trying to lose weight, it doesn’t make the concerns of people trying to gain muscle weight any less valid. It’s still a tough road. Apply this new knowledge that you just gained on weight gain nutrition and you will maximize your chances of gaining the weight you want.

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