Protein Shakes for Women Who Want To Gain Weight

There are times when it seems as if almost everyone you talk to wants to lose weight.

While it may be true that there are many women who are trying to lose weight, it is also true that there are plenty who are trying to gain weight. Some women may be recovering from an illness, want to be stronger, or who want to add some curves in the right places. With this in mind, weight gain should be mostly muscle weight, not fat, and can only be gained through healthy eating. Protein shakes for women are a great way to add healthy protein to help with weight gain.

  • Eating a diet of healthy foods is imperative to gain weight, but drinking two or three protein shakes per day will also help. These high protein smoothies are a delicious way to add protein to the diet and speed up weight and muscle gain. Weight gain protein shakes are prepared by adding protein powders to milk or water and then putting in other foods, including fruit, nuts, dairy products, healthy oils, etc. Add all of the ingredients to a blender and run until it is the preferred consistency. Add ice or non-fat frozen yogurt if a smoothie is desired. Making the shakes at home is always best. Below are some great ideas for ingredients to include in protein shakes for women:
  • Protein powder containing over one hundred calories per thirty gram scoop
  • Natural yogurt is low in fat, high in protein, calcium, multiple vitamin B, zinc, and phosphorus. Can also use frozen yogurt as a treat instead of ice cream
  • Oatmeal has high-quality protein and fiber and is also known for lowering cholesterol. Cook the oatmeal before adding it to the shake
  • Honey overloads the body with calories producing energy important for weight gain
  • Bananas are full of carbohydrates essential for weight gain, plus they are high in fructose for energy. They also help boost immunity and lower cholesterol and are high in Vitamin C and potassium
  • Sports drinks, including PowerAde and Gatorade help replace electrolytes which are necessary to maintaining the body’s sodium-to-water ration, plus they are an excellent source of quick energy
  • Nutritional drinks like Boost and Ensure provide an excellent foundation for high-calorie protein shakes. Additionally, the plus varieties of these drinks add extra calories which are valuable.
  • Berries of any type are a great addition to a protein shake, plus they help reduce the risk of cancer. Strawberries contain calcium, Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and folate. Raspberries are a wonderful source of potassium, Vitamin C, and lutein which helps with healthy vision.
  • Instant breakfast powder like Carnation is also a good base for a protein shake especially when it is mixed with low-fat or non-fat milk. One packet of instant breakfast mix combined with eight ounces of milk gives thirteen grams of protein.
  •  Non-fat or low-fat milk is the best base for a protein shake. Low-fat and non-fat milk are higher in protein than whole milk and healthier, too.

These ingredients are all good in a protein shakes for women who would like to gain weight. Other ingredients such as fresh fruits, peanut butter, and dark chocolate are good, too.

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