The Best Weight Gain Diet For Women: Facts and Techniques

For the past 50 years the idea of being fashion model thin has been predominant in fashion for women. Happily, this is changing and many women would like to find a good weight gain diet for women. While being slightly underweight is not unhealthy, being malnourished is. Gaining and maintaining a healthy, strong, feminine body involves making smart food choices and participating in regular exercise.

Gain The Right Kind Of Weight

The weight you gain should be in the form of muscle mass with a comfortable layer of fat overall to act as insulation and padding. For this reason, it is important to choose healthful, calorie dense foods such as nuts, cheese, full fat Greek style yogurt, lean protein sources and weight gain products such as whey protein powder. You must also establish a regular exercise routine to build muscle mass and create an efficient metabolic rate.

Choose The Right Kinds Of Foods

It is important that the foods you choose in a weight gain diet for women consist of calorie dense, healthy foods. Select high quality sources of protein like lean meat, poultry, eggs and fish. Enjoy peanut butter and nut butters of all kinds. Roasted nuts and seeds that have not been treated with hydrogenated oils are also a good choice. Full fat dairy products such as whole milk, Greek yogurt and healthy, calcium rich cheese are excellent choices. Non-animal protein sources, such as avocados, tofu and high protein whey powder are also excellent.

Remember to add complex carbohydrates in the form of whole grains like granola, oatmeal, whole grain breads and more. Enjoy potatoes with healthy toppings, dried fruit and formerly forbidden condiments such as mayonnaise, olive oil and butter. Snack on dried and fresh fruits for good nutrition and fiber. Enjoy smoothies made with whole milk or tofu. Add high protein whey powder or powdered milk for more calories and nutrition.

Follow A Smart Eating Schedule

These days we know that eating three times a day is really not smart for anyone. Instead, whether you want to gain weight, lose weight or just stay healthy, the best advice is to eat six to eight times a day.

A good eating schedule includes, breakfast, a snack at mid-morning, lunch, a snack in the middle of the afternoon, dinner, an evening snack and a bedtime snack. When you are participating in a weight gain diet for women, you should be sure that each meal and each snack includes five ounces of high quality protein, a serving of a complex carbohydrate and a fresh fruit or vegetable.

You should also remember to safeguard your general health with good hydration. Avoid junk drinks like soda and commercial juices. Instead, drink plenty of fresh, pure filtered water and freshly prepared juices. Remember to drink between meals rather than with meals. In this way you will have more room for your food.

A Weight Gain Diet For Women Is Very Filling

When you are eating to gain weight, you may have a little difficulty adjusting to the many calorie and nutrition-rich foods you will consume. One thing that will offset this is the fact that you should add exercise to your life in order to gain the right kind of weight. Establish a regular workout routine of strength training for half an hour at least three times a week. This will help you build muscle mass.

Make active choices throughout each day, such as walking or biking instead of driving. Add a swim to your day on the days you are not doing strength training. Do light weight work and stretching while watching television. All this will work together to increase your metabolism and your appetite.

Eating often and well will result in your being able to attain and maintain a healthy weight and a strong and vibrant level of overall health. Instead of worrying about every calorie you consume, you can simply make smart, sound, nutritious food choices and participate in an active and healthy lifestyle that includes foods like cheese pizza, good quality deli sandwiches and more.

Sources: Web MD article entitled How To Gain Weight

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