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Skinny might be the in thing in Hollywood, but it isn’t the thing for everyone. Some people want some meat on their bones. Some people don’t want to be the 90 pound weakling or the ninety pound anything, for that matter. Some people need weight gaining tips and that’s not as incredulous as some people will find it to be. After all, if people can have weight loss problems, they can certainly have weight gain problems.

Which people would these be? These are the people with hyperthyroidism, or an extremely fast metabolic rate, or perhaps they just have some trouble absorbing nutrients into their bodies, nutrients that turn into muscle. Whatever the case may be, they’re stuck with their bony frames, wanting a little more out of their body. Here are some weight gaining tips that they can use.

The first thing you should do is take in more of those things that people losing weight want to avoid – calories. This is the part that involves information collection and application. The caloric requirement for women who perform only light physical activity in their daily routine is around 1,900 calories. Incidentally, men require 2,200. Calories can turn into fat if you’re not active enough – that means that you should eat more than what your body requires to gain weight.

One of the best weight gaining tips that you should follow is to eat right, not just eat a lot. Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt along with fish and the right meats should be picked over meats, as well as eggs over vegetables. You’re looking for high protein foods, foods that turn can help you develop muscle mass.

A corollary to this is snack out a lot, although you cannot just snack on anything. More dairy products will help. Yogurt and muffins go a long way towards the weight gain goal. It’s all about putting a lot of the right thing into you – if people tell you otherwise, remember that you’re following different rules from everyone else. After all, you want to gain weight.

Speaking of weight, a good weight gaining tip is, well, weights. Do weight training. Exercise – stressing your muscle fibers through weight training is the best and most effective way of gaining muscle mass. Free weights are the best for this as they force everything to work in unison. For those starting with very little muscle mass, a machine also works to get them into the groove. They should eventually move to free and cable weights after some time as the same repetitive motion can leave your body too used to the exercise and thus, suffer from hitting a ceiling or getting stuck on a plateau.

Weight gain isn’t impossible, though it could be just as difficult as losing weight for some people. Like weight loss, you need to stick to a schedule and plan out that schedule scientifically and logically. Effects won’t come instantly but if you do things right and follow these weight gaining tips you’ll eventually get the results that you want.

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